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Tom is Vice President & Founder at GM Systems a Management and Technology consulting firm, providing Business & Strategic plans, Acquisitions, Marketing & Sales strategy, Product development for electronics, microelectronic and proposal support.

He has designed and developed Power management systems, Single board computers, microelectronic circuits, hybrids, Chip On Board (COB) modules, flip chips, thick and thin film interconnects, Integrated Circuits, RF modules, for over 30 years for military, aerospace, telecommunications and consumer markets.

Tom has held the position of Vice President, General Manager, Director of Marketing/Sales, Chief Engineer, Operations/Engineering manager, Senior Development Engineer at Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions Plainview, Norden (DIvision of United Technology) , General Instrument Microelectronics (Now Microchip)  and Grumman Aerospace.

He spearheaded acquisitions & mergers of several high tech companies, and drove ISO9000/Military quality certification and qualification processes.

He received a BEE from CCNY and a MSEE from NYU-Poly and has published several articles, papers and tutorials at international conferences, edited books on electronic packaging, consulted for the DoD on advanced electronic packaging as well as teaching electronics at the US Army Signal School in Fort Monmouth, N.J.

About Tom Terlizzi our Vice President & Co-Founder

"So, if you can learn something new everyday, don’t forget what you learned yesterday, then you are moving ahead".

"Everybody likes to rule the World"

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